Friday, December 30, 2011

Almost There and Back Again

It's the end of the holiday season once again. I'm so ready to start the new year. 

The baby is growing so fast and is just so adorable that I can't stand it. Soon I'll be able to hand him some metal and a torch and let him have at it. But... not quite yet. Two months might still be a little young for that.

The year 2011 went by super fast. I've been so busy that most of it escaped my notice. Let's see...

  • DSC started showing up at the big events like I-Con, Anachronism, etc.
  • I married my best friend.
  • We ran off to Bermuda for a couple weeks.
  • Started picking up more custom orders.
  • Had a baby...
Constantine ready for action.
All of this while making jewelry, making music, editing graphics, writing copy, taking photos, learning Russian and handling my general business. I have to say that's not bad. Now, I'll just have to do it again in 2012. Even bigger this time. I might leave out the getting married and my wife having a baby for this coming year. That will leave more time for other things like growing the business and raising the current spawn.

Looking back at this past year and then looking forward to the new year makes me a bit dizzy. There is so much we want to do with DSC. So much we want to do with our little bundle of baby boy joy. So much we want to do in general. This past year makes me optimistic. The coming year makes me hopeful. The baby makes me miss sleeping through the night.